Lean To Conservatory

Newdawn Self Supporting Conservatory RoofsThe Lean to conservatory roof is the most simplest in design and offers an efficient use of space. Often more suited to modern properties the Lean To Conservatory provides clean lines and a large variety of size options. Because they can have lower rear elevations Lean To Conservatories are ideally suited to bungalows or houses where there is a restricted space below the eaves. The NewDawn conservatory roof can accommodate pitches as low as 3 degrees although a higher pitch is recommended.

Lean To Conservatory roofs supplied through the glazing shop / Ls Building Plastics will come fully boxed and include instructions to make the installation simple and trouble free. As one of our more popular styles of conservatories the Lean To is a great choice for people looking to add character and value to their property.

The simple design of Lean To Conservatories mean they are also cheaper than other styles. Their shape makes them ideal for living areas as well as sun rooms or even rooms for growing more exotic plants. The Lean To conservatory is traditionally found on the continent and is ideal for extending the time you can spend enjoying the late summer sun. Popular uses for the Lean To Conservatory include a dining room, a play room, a growing room or simply more living accommodation.

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Newdawn Conservatory Roof System

The Newdawn Conservatory Roof system, launched over 30 years ago, is a professionally engineered self supporting system that allows almost any shape, size or style of conservatory roof to be built. For further information click on the following links:

Newdawn Conservatory Roof Kit Brochure

Key Features

  • Any shape, any style, any size
  • Full range of finishes and colours
  • PVC or Aluminium Capped System and gutter options
  • Supplied with Glass or Polycarbonate
  • Innovative aluminium gutter system
  • Full design, technical support and installation advice
  • All styles and designs catered for
  • Elegant and professional finish with superior features
  • Adaptable to suit virtually any roof design including longer spans

Wide Range of Options

  • Aluminium or PVC finish: The Newdawn Roof offers both PVC and Aluminium finishes for Capping, Crestings, Finials, and Guttering allowing you to choose the option which best matches your property.

  • Wide range of colours: PVC capping is available in White, Brown, Golden Oak, Mahogany or Rosewood finishes. Aluminium capping comes in White, Brown, Golden Oak, foiled Wood Grain or Mahogany or we can paint it any RAL colour of your choice.

  • Aluminium or PVC Guttering:  Whether you want to use a standard PVC gutter, a concealed fixing one, or to upgrade to our innovative Aluminium Ogee Gutter, the Newdawn system incorporates all three easily.

  • Easy to install:  The Newdawn Roof is supplied "pre-prepped" making on-site fitting quick and easy. All more complex roofs are pre-built to ensure accuracy and your peace of mind.

  • Available accessories:  A fully welded PVC Roof Vent with an aluminium inner provides superior performance, low maintenance and long life features. A range of internal facia or cladding options gives the internal appearance you desire.

  • Heavy Duty bars for longer span roofs:  The Newdawn System is renowned for its superior strength with a range of bars suitable for heavier loading applications. Our Titan roof bar can span up to 5m with 35mm polycarbonate glazing.*

  • Full Technical Support:  We can provide 3D line drawings to assist your sales presentations as well as detailed layout drawings to assist installation.
* Longer Span Roofs: 4950mm span from wall to inside of eaves beam with 35mm polycarbonate - based upon a loading of 0.6KNm2).